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IN today’s article I wanted to give some quick tips on how to make your Android phone run like new.

All of us Android users, aka awesome people, are quite familiar that after 1 year of heavy use, the Android phones stop working as smoothly as they would when you first bought them and it’s just about the time we give it a bit of a tweak.

A phone that would run so smoothly is now getting stuck after being used for more than 5 minutes, the apps aren’t working properly, and the keyboard isn’t fast enough in taking your command.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You might be thinking of buying a new phone but before you think of spending more cash on a phone that might be facing same issues as your old one in a year or two, it is about time that you learn the keys to maintaining an optimized phone.

Cell phones bring you closer to person far from you. But it takes you away from the ones sitting next to you. Beware!

Therefore, if you want to know what works for making your Android run smoothly again and save a few hundred dollars on a new phone, then keep on reading.



  1. Clear cached app data

    Caching is actually a very helpful functionality that allows apps to load quickly, as if it were on a ready-to-go state instead of a fresh launch. The downside with this is that caching takes a lot of memory space and you might have apps that you don’t ever use and it’s still cached. Sometimes one of the first things you should do is clearing that cache for the apps you don’t use anymore, then consider also doing a complete clear cache.For the specific apps, you can go into Settings > Apps and slide over the All tab and tap on the app then choose Clear cache. If you’ve decided to just clear the whole lot then go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached data and then tap OK.

    Also, check out apps like CCleaner or Cache Cleaner, it cleans out your app cache and helps perform this kind of maintenance with one-tap instead of you having to go to multiple steps.

  2. Uninstall the Junk Apps

    Why keep junk apps in your Android phone when they are not of any use? Not only do these junk apps take up your smartphone’s storage space but they also make its speed slow. As the android apps run background processes they end up consuming the CPU cycles which can result in slowing down your phone and taking up most of its battery life. So, less apps in your phone is better.

    If you are not using any app regularly then uninstall it. Not interested in playing that game on your phone? Remove it. Always keep apps which you use and need on a regular basis so that your phone can work smoothly.

  3. No More Animations

    If you want to make your phone run perfectly again then you need to remove all the system animations. Even though these animations look attractive, but they do no good to your phone’s software. You will experience your apps loading faster after you remove all these useless animations.

  4. Clear the Internal Storage Space

    Another reason why most android phones start to slow down is because they are running low on their internal storage space. Now why does your phone doesn’t have enough storage space? It is because you have installed so many apps on your phone and have download images, videos and music that you don’t even need. So, it is about time that you start clearing up your phone Not only will this make your phone run smoothly, but it will also enhance its storage performance.

  5. Update your phone to latest OS

    The latest software will often contain bug fixes and general improvements specifically for your phone and this small step can make a huge difference and if available, it can help your Android device to run better. Software updates tend to come OTA (Over The Air) and you should be automatically prompted to install them, but it doesn’t hurt to check so head to your settings and do a quick check for new updates.

    Go to Settings > About device > Software update and check for updates.

  6. Nuclear Approach – Factory Reset

    The very last resource, the big RESET. There’s truly no better way to get the most optimal performance from your phone other than making it as the day you first got it. Although this is a drastic step, it will help you get optimized by removing junk you’ve accumulated over past few months, but it means wiping all of the data and settings.. One of the main issues to watch for here is to back up all of your data. All of your contacts, sms, Whatsapp messages, pictures, etc.

    Warning: This will erase everything in your phone, no going back. Once you’ve back it all up, can find the option to do it in Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

Tip: Use Google Drive to back up all of your information. Don’t write your password on sticky notes and leave them near your computer.

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