Ever thought about tackling a DIY house renovation project?
I want to share a bit of the experience I had renovating my first house.
The first time I drove by the house I knew I wanted it!

The neighborhood, the location, the landscape, everything about it made me want it. The house looked brand new on the outside, which turned out it was!
Even though the house was build in 1999, the owner (who actually had it built) had totally renovated the outside, new siding and roof.

All I had to do was renovate the inside and I’d have a brand new house right? Easier said than done, but I got it done-ish.

“’Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love”

You might be wondering how much does a home renovation cost? It can cost as much as 100-150k or as little as 15k.
The answer of course depends on how much work you do to the home, prices in your area, and how much of the work you do yourself (DIY) vs. hiring a contractor.

I can’t give you a definitive answer on how much a home renovation costs, but check out my experience and see if this is something you want to tackle it yourself.
Intrigued? Let’s go deep.

Renovation Summary
4 weeks, and about 35k later, I was able to complete the following:

  • All new flooring, 1st floor
  • Carpet on stairs and bedrooms.
  • Complete interior painting including all crow moldings, baseboards and doors.
  • Recessed lights
  • Take down a wall (load bearing)
  • Kitchen – Complete remodel
    • Paint Cabinets and new hardware installation (soft close everything)
    • Granite Counter Tops
    • Sink and Fixtures
    • Lighting
    • New Appliances
  • Complete overhaul of 2 bathrooms
    • Bathtub
    • Flooring
    • Toilets – yes toilets!
    • Vanity
    • Painting
    • Fixtures
    • Lighting
  • Smart House adaptation
    • Google Home and Smartthings setup
    • Garage Doors
    • Most light switches
    • Smart Lights
    • Water Control
    • Motion Sensors
    • Entry Monitoring
    • Security Cameras
  • Backyard clearing

I’m going to show you guys some before and after pictures here on this this post and then I will create separate post that will cover each room specifically. That will allow me to do a deeper dive and breakdown costs, materials and benefits.

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