About Me

Hello! My name is Alan. My beautiful wife and we are blessed to have Noah, Rowen and Madison, our awesome children.

During the day, I’m a geek building software and leading IT innovation for an awesome company.

At night – and some weekends –, I indulge in my great passion: DIY Projects, like woodworking, leather crafts and fixing things around the house and even venturing in some small time mechanics.

Admit it — few things are as satisfying as emerging paint-splattered from the garage or damp with sweat from under the hood after a hard day’s work, or that glorious smile when you turn that switch on and it works!

DIY is an awesome practice that not only can save you money, but empowers your body and mind. The chilling feeling of doing something you’ve never done before like changing your own oil in your car or building a shelf for your office, are quickly overwhelmed by the feeling of pride and inner-joy.

In March 2017, we bought our first house. It had — be still, my heart — a 2-car garage! There, my woodworking fantasies would become sweet, sawdust-laden realities.

Major tests of my DIY abilities lay ahead. The home needed serious renovations, and to save money, I assumed the roles of painter, plumber, electrician, floorer, crown molding specialist, and landscaper. In the end, the stories I have, the experience I gathered and the savings alone, is what boosted my confidence to start sharing it.

Thus, we come to this blog. My goal here is to share with you my DIY experiences — not from an expert’s perspective but simply from the vantage point of a curious fellow who adores his hobby.

I strongly believe that anyone could master these techniques. I want to be able to share some of my mistakes so you can avoid them and learn new things as I go along.

Please note that I’m in no way shape or form an expert in any of these crafts.

So proceed with caution, follow the instructions that came in your tools, and remember do your research on all things DIY before starting all projects.


“He did not know it was impossible, so he did it”
– Mark Twain


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